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Clutter clutter go away

Come again another day

I have been cleaning all through the day

Clutter clutter go away

I wish we could wish away the clutter like this. Indian women have this fetish for cleanliness. Or maybe it is a world over phenomenon. Two people are responsible for this one is Gandhiji who said that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and the other is the pharma industry and the medial industry and media, with their constant emphasis on germs, bacteria and parasites. And cleaning being the primary work of the lady in the house, she feels responsible for the health of family members of her family and she spends lot of time cleaning. + we eat every day and we change clothes every day. No gender bias, I know a few guys you are cheesy about cleanliness.

No wonder the soap industry’s turnover is $17 billion dollars.

But surely, cleanliness is next to Godliness. A clean house is beneficial from many aspects. Energy of such a house is very uplifting. In a clean and a well ventilated house air flows freely. A stale air does not have enough oxygen and you are likely to feel suffocated. In a de-cluttered house there will be less of germs, bacteria and parasites. Also, it is easier to find things in a de-cluttered house. Though obvious but quite helpful. And last but not the least there will be room for the new to enter your house. If we discard the old things which you have not used, have finished serving their purpose, you will make way for the new. In one of the workshop I had attended the trainer had said that we should remove the things which are not used in the last one year!!!

But house is the only thing we need to de-clutter is it? How about this body which is a house as well. They say body is a temporary house of the soul. We take it so much for granted by eating unwanted food, at unreasonable timings, in unreasonable quantities and many times no proper rest. Detoxifying the body will make the air flow proper. Oxygen will reach every cell of your body. Every cell will be beaming with energy. How will dis-ease enter such a body? Even if germs, viruses bother us, we will be able to tackle without any issues. A de-cluttered body just like a de-cluttered house will make finding any dis-eases in the body easy. It will be noticed sooner and cured easily. As a de-cluttered house is an invitation for new things, a de-cluttered body is invitation for energy and vitality. There are various ways of doing so with the help of Ayurveda, exercise, sports etc.

So we have taken care of our house and our body too, but there is more. We also have bundle of thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions many times rule us. We get thousands of thousands of thoughts a day and go through many emotions too. We need to de-clutter our thoughts too. Remove the negative unwanted thoughts. However, you justify your negative thoughts. It is still negative. Actually, if your body is de-cluttered, half of your mind emotional issues will be go away. Our body does not differentiate if the event if actually occurring or you are just narrating the incident to a friend. Same set of chemical reactions happen again. So, they say we should avoid talking about the same negative incident again and again. In a de-clutttered mind emotional space new thoughts will enter freely. It will be a free mind, just like a de-cluttered house. Why keep mess in our house!!! There is no question of germ like negative thoughts entering your mind. It will be easy to access the right thought at the right time and new ideas can enter because now there is space for them.

So, my friends De-clutter.

The attitude of saying ‘No’ to things you do not require, do not use, have long past served their purpose. It is difficult with issue disease at a time, to drive away one thought at a time, this blanket understanding will make things easier for us.

De-clutter NOW!!!


09 Sep, 2017 at 8:24 pm