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Manage fear and reach to your highest potential

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Fear Fear go away

Come again another day

I just want to enjoy my life

Fear Fear go away

Can we wish away fear like this? We cannot wish away anything like this. Only wishing does not help in any way. Least of all Fear. Fear – Fear everything and run or Face everything and rise. These are the only two choices we have.

In Ayurveda,they say that there is either love or fear. Something like light and darkness. Where there is love there is no fear and where there is fear there is no love. Could you be a utopian dream but worth pondering?

Fear comes in many forms like hatred, jealousy, envy, negativity, anger, frustration, disappointment. You name it and the negative emotion is likely to be because of an underlying fear.

The other day I fell on the escalator and hurt my knee quite badly. Now the knee has recovered but everytime I go on the escalator I remember that incident. Which is really many times. That incident has left a bit of fear in me. I fell on the metro station escalator but every other escalator reminds me of that hurt.

I realised that fear goes so deep. I was hurt badly and for 15 days I could not walk my original way. It was a physical injury and now I am fine. But still that fear has made a house in me. As a result, I can now totally understand how a mental / emotional level fear can be with you as much as lifetime. Even by inference we can understand this.

Fear as we understand does not affect only one aspect of life. Say, fear of Big money. This fear of big money will keep one away from opportunities, one will not grow professionally, one will not earn as per their potential, frustration creeps in and starts affecting relationships. Now there is unhappiness in financial front also and in relationships also. If this person actually startslooking at relationship issues deeply, will see that the root cause of all issue is fear of big money.

And like this we have so many fears. Some we know and some we don’t even know. Fear can be of success it can be of failure, or both which keeps one frozen in life. One does not improve, does not fall back either. Fear can be of non-approval of others and it can approval of others. Fear can be of being known and of being unknown. Fear is fear. We can define it good or bad completely based on our conditioning. But it is of no use analysing it, it should GO. It should not stop our growth.

Fear is of two types healthy and unhealthy. Fear of a lion in a jungle is healthy and required. It will make you find ideas to save yourself. Fear as a mechanism helps.Now I am always aware and careful when I am on an escalator. But fear of a lion in a cage is unhealthy and is destructive. We have to learn to manage the unhealthy fear.

Fear as a eee motion can only be about the the future. Something we have already seen and fear that it may happen again or something we imagine may happen. In the NOW, it has no existence. Anyways it is not a physical entity and is only physiological. For the same reason,it can be worked on and can be managed. Some fear we can remove and some need to be managed.

Fear of public speaking, can be managed, can be removed. With one fear being managed by you, many other fears just lose their grip. If fear of public speaking is managed, your own image about yourself, your body and the related aspects improve. Your body image if it was negative, becomes positive. You face your fear of being accepted by some and being rejected some. You get the first-hand experience of this and you learn to manage that too. You make yourself vulnerable by standing in front of public and the fear of being venerable goes away. Your confidence also increases. There are many gains from just losing one fear.

We can tackle the central bottle neck and see where the actual/main fear is and manage/remove it and many underlying issues are solved. And that bottle neck is likely to be fear. Fear of so-and-so.Tackle just one fear upfront and one will see improvements in many aspects of life.

How to manage fear?

Find the answers in my next blog.

Ways to manage fear –

We understood fear first and understand its nature. We are likely to stop judging ourselves and any other person. Understand fear in and out and only then coming out of it will be much smoother. Else fear is famous for being a repetitive visitor!

  1. Understand fear / learn more about it – Whatever we don’t know, gives us more fear. Familiarity helps reduce fear and once we are a leader in the given situation then fear goes away.
  2. Get into the situations where you face your fear – Grab the opportunities which create fear in you. If you have the fear of public speaking, go and grab the situations which make you speak in front of people. Of course, use wisdom while facing fear. If you have fear of falling sick, increase your immunity and then venture into removing fear of travelling and to experiment with different weathers and falling sick.
  3. Breathing and physical exercises – Breathing and yoga is an unbeatable combination. Some physical postures are yoga are very effective in removing fear. Knowingly, unknowingly, those who practice physical postures of yoga become more fearless. As it is a body mind mechanism.
  4. Sound healing –Sound frequencies like 396Hz, 1000Hz help remove known and unknown fear. In this vibrational world sound is a very effective way of tackling issues. And now the earth’s vibrational frequency is also very high (Schumann frequency). So, a little efforts from our side gives us more results and much sooner than before. Best time to grab opportunities and grow in life.
  5. Plan well – Plan well before hand before you start something new. Planning well and counting the risks before hand again makes the situation familiar. Confidence increases and automatically fear reduces. Even after all the planning and precautions you still face fear, then wisdom comes into picture. Understand fear and its nature, how imaginary it is. Also, being wise in understanding and accepting that anything can happen anytime.
  6. Face your fear – Face your fear and the fear will lose its face. Fear cannot survive in intense attention, intense confidence. Don’t give food to fear.
  7. Detox – Physical health cannot be underestimated. A healthy body is also a confident body. A healthy body is more likely to have a healthy mind.

Do you have any more ways in which you tackle the fears you face? Let us know. Like, comment and share your views.

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