Heal, Learn and Grow with Tripura Learning center

We believe that each one deserves a chance in life. A chance to heal, live and enjoy life. Give yourself the gift of health, wealth and peace. Every problem has an insight and a solution. Explore with us and go for the life you want.


  • Declutter
    I wish we could wish away the clutter like this. Indian women have this fetish for cleanliness. Or maybe it is a world over phenomenon.

  • Manage fear and reach to your highest potential
    Can we wish away fear like this? We cannot wish away anything like this. Only wishing does not help in any way.

  • Habit
    Habit can be defined as repetitive behavior resulting as an absence of

Our approach:

  • Holistic approach
  • Root cause therapy
  • Personalized therapy
  • Online sessions available
  • Methodology includes breath-work, sound healing and meditation
  • We are certified sound therapists

Upcoming Events

Bye Bye Depression on 3rd December, 2017