I was having a hard time to stand up on my own. The sound therapy sessions helped me. Especially the vibrations of the gongs affected by entire being. It felt so nice and silent. It also cured me of my pain. Now i can walk and stand up quite easily

Devi Amma, Senior citizen

I had a very shallow and heavy breath. I could not concentrate on studies. I would finish a three hour exam in one hour and come back. After the sound therapy, I can now concentrate much better and write much more. My marks have improved a lot.

Dhanush, Devi Amma's grandson

I am a martial arts trainer. I have attended a fear management session of Tripura Learning Center. Priti and Yogesh have a holistic approach and connect with their audience's need. Their approach is practical and scientific.

Drubajit Das, The warriers

I was quite an angry person and there was no peace of mind. With sound therapy my anger is in control now. Yogesh understood me and my problem and lovingly and holistically helped me.

Rajesh’s father